The beginning of perfumes: Since when did humans start using perfumes and their development through the ages

by mohamed hamdy on April 12, 2023

Since ancient times, perfume has carried a sparkle and magic that many know, but few know when the perfume appeared and who made it. In this article, we will review the beginning of the perfume industry .

The beginning of perfume

There are many theories related to the origin of the perfume, including the saying that it appeared in Persia and Egypt, and that the scientist Tabouti invented the perfume by extracting from roses and flowers.

Perfume was sacred in the civilization of the ancient Egyptians, as it was considered the race of the god Ra. The Egyptians loved perfumes so much that the god Nefertum wore a headband made of water lilies, which is one of the main ingredients for perfumes even today .

In later ages, the Persians used perfume as a symbol of political status, depicting themselves with perfume vials in paintings as souvenirs. The perfume industry and its components have evolved over time in different countries .

With the development of the perfume industry, there has become more interest in reducing the use of synthetic ingredients and using natural ingredients, for environmental and health reasons. And perfumes are now made using modern technologies that allow to maintain the quality of ingredients and save costs .

The perfume industry is one of the world's leading industries, and it generates huge profits all over the world. This sector is characterized by innovation and creativity, as new perfumes are designed and issued periodically, and new ingredients are developed and used in the perfume industry .

There are many theories related to the origin of the perfume, and there have been many sayings that it appeared in Persia and Egypt, and the first person to make the perfume is the scientist Tabouti, and this happened by extracting the fragrance using roses and flowers.

For many years now, everyone uses perfumes on occasions, and they are also worn throughout their day, and some people used to say that perfume is the sweat of the god Ra, so it was sacred, and the ancient Egyptians had gods too. A headband made of water lilies, this substance is one of the most common perfume ingredients.


The Persians were also admirers of the world of perfumes and used perfumes as a symbol of the political situation. They liked to depict them with perfume bottles in paintings as souvenirs.

The body of perfume and its components has evolved over time and in different countries, and the Hungarians are considered the first to introduce perfume as a modern product and it is made from scented oils in a dark blue solution, and the first perfume was made for Queen Elizabeth and became known all over.


The natural oils from which the perfume is made are the best and more expensive than other ingredients, and it is also difficult to obtain them, as they are the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Such as jasmine, Bulgarian flowers, oud, musk, iris, amber, and natural oud oil, which is rare.


Arabs use perfumes more, and Europe inherited from them the method and their interest. During a period, France managed to dominate in the field of perfumery. The most beautiful French perfumes and cosmetics were made, so they became an important mark among countries, and even the first in the field of cosmetics and perfumes.

In ancient times, the kings in France sanctified perfumes, as the car was painted every morning with perfumes, and the furniture was painted daily with perfumes. perfumes.

Perfumes were made and augmented with alcohol, and the first perfume in which alcohol was used as a basic substance was in the year 1370, and the French paid great attention to perfumes, as they were in the first place throughout history in the history of perfumes, and the French paid great attention to perfumes, which made them creative in this field and innovated in them So much that it has become one of the most important things a person needs in his daily life.

Perfumes were developed, because it was in ancient times that primitive man used to take these flowers and herbs and burn them to give him fragrant smells. The most comprehensive and full of creativity in the world of perfumes.


In conclusion

Without perfume, there will be a delay in prosperity, and man will become primitive, and perfume is one of the basic things that everyone needs to adorn with, and everything around him will have a special magic scent.