Top 3 Long Lasting Perfumes: Long lasting fragrance for women and men

by mohamed hamdy on March 20, 2023

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As the tones intertwine and the victorious sensations break out to reveal fragrant scents to enchant you with a unique blend of fragrant notes and ingredients, the world of perfumes received a wide and interesting resonance for men and women alike.

Top 3 solid perfumes

Miss Blooming for Women

A floral fragrance for women, which is the true meaning of strength, distinction and brilliance. It is a fragrance that smells of beautiful scents that captivate the senses. It was released in 2014 and this fragrance came with ingredients that make it distinguished as the best-selling perfume.

Ingredients of Blooming perfume for women

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin

  • Heart notes: pink peony - damask rose - apricot - peach
  • Perfume base: white musk


It is a perfume designed like a dress, so you find it carefully designed to show the beauty of a woman, and the house of Dior makes the fragrance smell of scents that make you captive to the senses. The fragrance is rich in beautiful scents such as mandarin, peony, musk, and peach. Wide made it one of the best-selling fixed perfumes as well.

Miss Blooming perfume reminds us of the arrival of spring with delicate floral scents. It is a soft and feminine essence. Its top notes are Sicilian mandarin, followed by peony, apricot, peach and Damascene rose in the heart, then the base of the fragrance consists of white musk. These ingredients harmonize and give us an unparalleled scent. she has .


Delina Exclusif women's perfume Delina Exclusif pefums de marly

A bottle of innovation with oriental floral scents, it is an elegant women's perfume that many women are looking for, an elegant fragrance for daytime use, as this fragrance was released in 2018 in France from a French fashion house, a sweet floral fragrance inspired by spring flowers with refreshing, open and pure ingredients.

Delina Exclusive perfume ingredients:

  • Perfume opening: lychee - pear - bergamot
  • Heart notes: Turkish rose - oud - incense
  • Perfume base: vanilla - amber - wood


An oriental fragrance and Delina perfume after a mare whose offspring appeared many race horses that won many competitions, and this fragrance bears more than one face such as joy, turmoil and keeping up with the times, and they created the fragrance with a mixture of wonderful ingredients that make every female have a special character And her attraction and excitement that fascinates everyone.

Soft touches of incense were added, light and soft, of oud and incense, to compete with the oriental taste.


Dior Homme Intense

It is a floral, woody, musk fragrance for men. The man's elegance is complemented by a fragrance to make him always radiant and have a high charisma. Dior Homme Intense is the one that builds your personality and is the most popular and sought-after men's perfume.

Dior Homme Intense perfume is a perfume issued by Dior, and the fragrance consists of more than wonderful ingredients that made it one of the best men's perfumes in 2022, and the ingredients harmonize to make you go to the world of magic and imagination, and to a world full of vitality, refreshment, and activity, and all this in One bottle of Golden Collection, which is always keen to choose the perfume that every man and woman is looking for at the best price ever.

Home Intense perfume ingredients:

  • Top notes: lavender
  • Heart notes: iris - ambrette - pear
  • Perfume base: cedar wood - vetiver

Dior Homme Intense perfume is one of the perfumes that make you addicted to it, and it is a woody-floral fragrance that contains musk. Dior produced this perfume in 2011, and it has gained a lot of popularity and demand for it because of its fragrant scent and great stability.

Dior Homme Intense perfume brings brilliance, individuality, audacity, sensuality and attractiveness in one bottle, and this perfume is the best choice for you because you will feel unique and attractive, as it is a very stable fragrance and the scent continues throughout the day, as it is a luxurious and elegant fragrance and it is preferable to use it in winter Just to feel this beautiful scent.


The Dior company made a masterpiece called Dior Homme Intense, which makes the romantic man singular and women are attracted to him. Its stability is more than wonderful, and it has an unusual feeling when first putting it on.

In conclusion

This article carries only three fixed perfumes, but there are many, and with Golden Collection, we choose your favorite perfume for you and help you choose the most suitable for you.