Velvet Orchid
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    Velvet Orchid

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    • Aromatic line: Oriental Flora
    • Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is an oriental floral fragrance that elicits physical luxury and seductive power from the original Tom Ford Black Orchid formula.
    • In an ultra-fantastic feminine block infused with sparkling citrus notes, dramatic petals, honey and rum.
    • The Velvet Orchid quickly reveals its own identity, as it pushes the DNA of the original black orchid flower to a new location.
    • The woods and spices in the original scent dissipate and a contrasting veil of florals casts a shade of extreme femininity that spreads throughout.
    • Italian Bergamot and Mandarin Orpur top the fragrance with luscious, jewel-like splendor.
    • Succan absolute - an ultra-pure rum essence - delivers a caramelized, sugarcane-infused note.
    • A subtle hint of honey adds texture and dimension to the fragrance's soft and creamy background.
    • Bold and warm, honey and vanilla together lend a carnal presence to the skin.
    • The floral core is full of floral notes that include jasmine absolute, rose oil from Turkey and seductive Cattleva Leopoldii orchid Scent Trek - a fuchsia-coloured orchid from the forests of the southern coasts of Brazil - that intertwine with the exceptional notes of Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Orange blossom and rose absolute from Morocco lend substance and delicate structure to this floral middle, sprinkled with heliotropin with delicate floral salt, concentrating on the flavored nectar about to be eaten. Magnolias, daffodils and hyacinths create a distinct contrasting shade of ultra-feminine flowers.
    • The base of the fragrance is intensely warm and rich. Wizened Peru Conditioner deeply enriches the blend. Labandum, sandalwood and myrrh resinoid Orpur surround the base in an elegant halo to synthesize textured rawhide leather infused with Comoro Island vanilla.
    • It is recommended for luxurious occasions and high-end parties.








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