How do you choose the right men's perfume for you?

by identity digital marketing on August 09, 2022
How do you choose the right men's perfume for you?
When it comes to personal style, your choice of perfume can be as great as your choice of shoes and bags, so today we plunge into the world of men's fragrances.
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Choose your ingredients

Every perfume or cologne is made up of different 'ingredients', and of course these components define the overall scent.

These ingredients are composed of three different layers called base, top, head and middle or heart, and they all work in harmony to create a specific scent.
We find that some perfumes, for example, can be considered floral and contain different scents, such as rose or gardenia.
Others may be a bit more fruity with undertones of citrus or apple.
Exotic perfumes contain spicy notes such as star anise or cinnamon.
And of course, men's fragrances have different scents as well.
Musk scents have a heavier and masculine tone, while other musk scents may have notes like pine or even leather-based notes.
It is always a good idea to identify the types of colognes or perfumes that you prefer and then know the basic ingredients that they contain before making a purchase decision.
Golden Collection provides you with a detailed explanation of the ingredients of all our international perfumes.

Choose focus

Perfumes come in four different levels of concentration.
As the concentration increases the price usually also increases.
Colognes or perfumes with a higher concentration usually have a stronger scent and last longer.
They can be a little pricey, but some people feel the higher price tag is totally worth it.
The highest concentration is simply called perfume. This level usually lasts all day with just one application to the wrists or pulse points.
The next lower level is eau de parfum, which can usually last about six hours after application.
The third level, called eau de toilette, is usually fairly expensive and easy to find in retail stores.
It usually requires more than one application throughout the day for it to last.
The fourth and lowest concentration of the fragrance is eau de cologne, which only lasts about two hours.

Test the fragrance

Before you decide to buy any perfume, it is important that you do a simple test to make sure that this perfume is what you want and that you will enjoy it.
And the best way to do this is to try a little bit of the fragrance on your skin.
Our skin has its own unique code of hormones and pheromones that can slightly or even greatly change the way a perfume smells.
Hence it is a good idea to spray a small amount on your wrists, wait a few moments and then smell the scent on your skin.
Sometimes and depending on your chemical make-up, it can enhance or reduce the scent.
It can also be changed if you have a certain chemistry that doesn't match the scent mixture.

Should I buy cologne or eau de toilette?

With the terrible development we are witnessing today and with the evolution of perfume terms over the years, you have certainly heard of many terms used interchangeably.
Here's what you need to know to know which type to choose….
It's all about concentration, but focus with me. Eau de Parfum is the strongest concentration - 10-20% essential oils mixed with alcohol and a little water.
An "eau de toilette" is a weaker concentration with only 5-15% (usually around 10%) of aromatic compounds.
Neither should be confused with aftershave, which is another thing entirely.

Does cologne have an expiration date?

Yes, but not in the same way as the expired milk you left in the back of the fridge.
So just look out for the following signs (smell change, original strong scent diminished, color or texture changed).
I expect a cologne shelf life of 3-5 years so take care of your perfumes properly.
Just store in a cool, dark place away from moisture and a constant temperature.
But keep in mind that the higher the quality of the perfume, the less likely it is to spoil.

What are the components of the perfume?

The list of ingredients is just an attempt to describe the scent of the fragrance.
In other words, they are the work of the marketing and public relations department, not a laboratory 😉.
You may see different notes used to describe the same scent, even though the actual formula has not changed.
Sometimes a mixture of notes is used - called an "accord" to create an entirely new and unified scent impression.

What is perfume?

The short answer: probably not what you think.
The ingredients list may contain a lot of botanicals, but chances are good that the flowers were not harmed in the making of the cologne.
Where we find that many natural essences have been replaced with synthetic equivalents to keep up with the demands of mass production and increase the life expectancy of a scent.
There may also be animal extracts in your perfume, a surprising number of pungent animal products that are key ingredients in perfumery.
In the end, if you are looking for the best way to choose the right perfume for you, contact Golden Collection and you will find the best solution.