Lahome men's time
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    Lahome men's time

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    The top ingredients contain Grapefruit and cardamom exude a sweet resinous scent with a hint of fruity notes and a hint of spicy. A little ginger adds a spicy, sharp, yet light scent to the whole fragrance. Middle Notes Rose, sage and geranium form the main notes of the aromatic scent that spreads in the air, making you feel fresh and energetic all day long. In addition to the floral notes, this Le Homme perfume spreads a floral scent, which adds a citrusy scent to the atmosphere. The base of this Yves Saint Laurent La Homme Time perfume consists of vetiver and cedar wood. As vetiver spreads the aroma of bitter chocolate and smoke, cedar wood spreads a woody aroma in the air.

    Note: All perfumes are formulated by us to be identical to international brands, excellent quality, stability and high concentration, as the pictures are shown for illustration only.

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