The most luxurious Arabic and oriental perfumes

by identity digital marketing on January 12, 2023

The most luxurious Arabic and oriental perfumes

Arabic perfumes occupy a prominent place among international perfumes, as they depend on luxurious oriental tones in their components, which give you a touch of the utmost sophistication and beauty. In this article, whatever your aspirations are, the luxurious oriental scents embody a meaning of luxury and sophistication that indicates the meanings of words and a sensation overflowing with controversy.

Arabic perfumes with varied and wonderful scents that win over the thoughts and hearts of everyone are what we will present to you in an interesting presentation of the different types of distinctive ones available in all Arab countries, as there is no one who disagrees with the fact that these perfumes are preferred by all individuals as they restore the feeling of authenticity and connection to the Arab world and its history in general.

( Golden Collection ) offers you a distinguished collection of the most prominent Arabic perfumes, with captivating oriental tones that capture hearts and breaths.

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1- Badia perfume for women by Junaid Perfumes:

Badia Golden Perfume is the most beautiful Arabic perfume for women. It is inspired by an elegant and unique fragrance from the oriental traditions and the ancient golden Arab heritage, which suits the modern oriental woman who is distinguished in a great way. It embodies the amazing appreciation for the wonderful, luxurious qualities of sophistication and elegance. Attractive and leave you in an atmosphere full of the scent of authentic oud.

Badia perfume ingredients:

The opening notes give it a sweet fruity scent, a very nice scent to use during the summer.
With a heart of smart floral scent, it gives off a sweet, warm scent. And the base contains the complex scent of oud.
Warm sweetness mixed with woody and balsamic notes.

With regard to its fizziness and steadiness, it is the character that distinguishes the perfume, as it is a very strong perfume, so do not spray too much.

  • We have three sizes available:

- 30 ml at 30 riyals

- 50 ml at a price of 40 riyals

- 100 ml at a price of 60 riyals

2- Perfume (The One Night Royal) for men by Dolce & Gabbana:

The One Night Royal perfume, the best Arabic perfume for men, was released in the fall of 2015. A wonderful fragrance with an oriental composition and a very masculine scent.

It is made of basic ingredients, which are cardamom and basil. It is found within the perfume of The One Night Royal, and natural ingredients of nutmeg and dry wood. It is known to be masculine, elegant, and amazingly mysterious. The One Night Royal perfume by Dolce & Gabbana refers to the basic oriental version of The One perfume for men in 2008.

This new version of The One collection by Dolce & Gabbana is considered one of the most popular perfumes during this time century. Its bottle is decorated with black shapes and golden details such as Arabic inscriptions, and the rectangular cover gives it a special luster.

Ingredients of The One Night Royal perfume:

The One Perfume by Layl Malaki was made from its refreshing openings of cardamom and basil, an intense, fragrant, and sharp aroma of cardamom, which was complemented by the addition of the pungent and sharp green basil.
With a template that gives you a feeling of warmth and a sense of welcome to those around you, which makes them comfortable to stay around you all the time, thanks to the excellent fragrance ingredients such as sharp nutmeg, pear tree wood, and dry wood.
All this with a unique base of amber, cedar, sandalwood, and labdanum gum. The unique combination of these ingredients gives you a pleasant scent that dominates and remains stable for the longest time.

  • We have three sizes available:

- 30 ml at 20 riyals

- 50 ml at 30 riyals

- 100 ml at 50 riyals

3- Perfume (The Night) by Frederic Malle Eau de:

The Night Perfume was released in 2014. The fragrance comes with an unprecedented aroma of natural oud, mixed with Turkish roses and saffron, on a luxurious base of incense and sandalwood.

The Night Perfume is considered one of the most beautiful Arabian Oud perfumes from the Desert Jewels group. It was released in 2014 by the signature of Dominique Ropion. It is a warm, woody oriental fragrance for men and women, characterized by attractive and refreshing notes. It is directed to Oud lovers in the Arab world.

Night perfume ingredients:

The oud note in the perfume is from the beginning of the fragrance to the base, and it dominates the fragrance, and it is a beautiful and innovative fragrance.

The Night Perfume by Frederic Malle Eau de Parfum consists of three aromatic components.

  • We have three sizes available:

- 30 ml at 40 riyals

- 50 ml at 60 riyals

- 100 ml at 100 riyals

4- Perfume (Oud Malaki) from Chopard:

Chopard Oud Malaki perfume, presented by Chopard, was launched in 2012 by the signature of perfumer Dominique Ropion. A distinctive woody fragrance for women and men. One of the best and finest types of oriental Arabic perfumes.
It is the best expression of East meeting with West in a strong and attractive women's and men's fragrance. An elegant fragrance suitable for special occasions.
Trying this perfume is a unique experience, as this perfume is characterized by its seductive scent, as it is a captivating fragrance characterized by a strong mixture of rich aromas that emerge with the first splash.

Oud Malaki perfume ingredients:

Starting with an opening of grapefruit, lavender and wormwood, with a heart of leather, tobacco and warm spices that give an exciting texture to the scent, and in conclusion you will enjoy the scent of pure ambery and dark woods, which calls for inspiration for the beautiful Arabian nights.

  • We have three sizes available:

- 30 ml at 30 riyals

- 50 ml at a price of 40 riyals

- 100 ml at a price of 60 riyals