3 sexy women's perfumes

by identity digital marketing on February 06, 2023
3 sexy women's perfumes

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In the world of perfumes, it is known that women have a special character, as they always prefer exciting perfumes that make them more exciting in 2020, and all women now will not give up perfume even outside their home, as they put it in their bag, to always keep it sparkling.

Scandal jean paul for women :

Scandal 2017 perfume appeared, which was made by Jean Paul Gaultier, and it is a floral women's perfume, and the word Scandal means scandal, and it is a new fragrance that John Paul tries to break from the ordinary to present a contemporary, beautiful, elegant and intense fragrance, a new, fun and very attractive fragrance, as it is It has a creamy sugary character, and it is a fragrance that excites the senses and gives the female elegance, paper and sophistication to everyone who wears it.

It is the best sexy women's perfume 2022.

Scandal perfume ingredients:

  • Top notes: red orange - mandarin
  • Heart notes: gardenia - orange blossom - jasmine - peach
  • Perfume base: beeswax - caramel - patchouli - licorice

Scandal perfume contains notes in a world of imagination that overflows with magic and beauty. Scandal perfume is inspired by elegance and special evenings that many care about, and the scent of honey, red orange, jasmine and peach is a scent that spreads among everyone to show them a sparkle of magic.

This perfume is one of the most exciting women's perfume names in Arabic and is widespread in the world, as it creates an interesting scent that makes many women want to attract many around them, and the smell of Scandal perfume that a female cannot do without because it is the fragrance of excitement and temptation 😉 .

For every female who likes that the fragrance beautifies the sweetness of Sukkari and its scent spreads all over, Scandal perfume will always be your choice, as it is the best-selling women's perfume in the world.

If you are looking for a fragrant women's perfume that captivates the senses and is stable at the same time, and embodies the meaning of luxury, elegance, seduction and excitement, then Scandal perfume is your perfect choice.

Delina Exclusif perfume for women Delina Exclusif pefums de marly :

It is a bottle of innovation with oriental floral scents. It is an elegant women's perfume that many women search for, and that is why it is one of the best-selling women's perfumes in the world.

It is an elegant fragrance for daytime use, as this fragrance was released in 2018 in France from a French fashion house, a sweet floral fragrance inspired by spring flowers with refreshing, open and pure ingredients.

Delina Exclusive perfume ingredients:

  • Top notes: lychee - pear - bergamot
  • Heart notes: Turkish rose - oud - incense
  • Perfume base: vanilla - amber - wood

An oriental fragrance, Delina perfume is named after a mare whose offspring appeared many race horses that won many competitions, and this fragrance bears more than one face such as joy, turmoil and keeping up with the times, and they created the fragrance with a mixture of wonderful ingredients that make every female have a character Special and her attraction and excitement that fascinates everyone.

Soft touches of incense, light and soft, of oud and incense, were added to compete with the oriental taste.

Black opium :

One of the best perfumes for women 2022 is an oriental perfume, a perfume for coffee lovers and its beautiful aroma that makes all times beautiful. It is the fragrance of coffee and flowers, and gives a dose of audacity and vitality, as does coffee, which is rich in adrenaline.

It is a fragrance full of mystery and energy, rich in floral scents and touches of coffee. A fragrance that stimulates the endeavors of whoever smells it. It gives every female elegance, spontaneity, femininity and attractiveness in one bottle.

Black Opium is not for an ordinary woman, but for a supernatural, elegant woman who loves to be a witch who captures hearts with her choice, as it is the best sexy women's perfume 2022.

Perfume ingredients:

  • Top notes: pear - pink pepper - orange blossom
  • Heart notes: coffee - jasmine - bitter almond - licorice
  • Perfume base: vanilla - patchouli - cedar wood - cashmere wood

In conclusion:

Perfume is one of the secrets of femininity, and no female can dispense with her perfume and choose it carefully to give her attractiveness, optimism and excitement like no other, and to be unique and always exciting, and with Gold Collection you can get the perfume you want, we have the best women's perfumes and their prices and The best men's perfumes and their prices, just contact us and know our prices and perfumes.


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