How do I know how much perfume concentration?

by identity digital marketing on August 11, 2022

How do I know how much perfume concentration? You think about this question a lot and are looking for an answer!!

Follow this article with me, and I will help you identify the best ways to know the concentration of your perfume.

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How do I know how much perfume concentration?

There are different ways through which you can identify the amount of perfume concentration, and the most important of these methods is to know the type of perfume you have, for example, there are 3 known types of perfumes (perfume - Eau de Perfume - Eau de Toilette).

  • perfume perfume

Perfume is characterized by being pure as well as having the highest concentration of fragrance.

While the wide concentration range can be anywhere from 15 to 40 percent, perfume concentration is usually 20 to 30 percent.

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It is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin because it contains a lower concentration of alcohol than other types of perfumes.

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  • Eau de Parfume

This type has the second highest concentration of fragrance, between 15 and 20 percent.

In terms of fizziness and longevity, you can expect the Eau de Parfum to last for 4 to 5 hours, which is definitely not bad.

Another point of difference between perfume and Eau de Parfume is their respective price points.

The latter are generally much less expensive compared to perfumes due to the lower alcohol concentration.

Just like in the case of perfumes, those with sensitive skin can use eau de parfum to smell great without worrying about any irritation and inflammation of the skin.

  • Eau de toilette

Eau de toilette or EDT is cheaper than Eau de Parfum as it has a concentration of between 5 and 15 percent. In general, you will find women using eau de toilette more than all other types of perfume.

This can last for about three hours and is best suited for daytime wear.

Here you are! These are the different types of perfumes along with different concentrations and longevity. When it comes to finding your perfect partner, you should consider your fragrance type first.

Alert 🔊🔊🔊👇👇

If you tend to sweat a lot which can make you smelly sometimes, so we recommend buying perfume or eau de parfum.

Even a spray of one of these will instantly envelop you in a pleasant scent instead of sweat.

On the other hand, Eau de Toilette gives you the perfect combination of a budget-friendly price tag and long-lasting scent.

But if you have sensitive skin, you should consider buying perfume. With so little alcohol in its concentration, you don't have to worry about suffering from any possible skin irritation or inflammation.