Luxurious and stable men's perfume

by identity digital marketing on August 07, 2022

Because your elegance is worth making Golden Collection your choice. To be able to find luxurious men's perfumes, follow this article with me…

If you are looking for a good scent that has a strong effect on those around you?! Follow us in the Golden Collection with the best collections of international perfumes with a strong and influential focus 😉.

How to choose luxury men's perfumes?

Are you unsure of what you like or are you not sure how to choose what you prefer..

Fragrance families can be a good starting point, as fragrances fall into the category of floral, fresh, fruity, citrus, oriental, woody or spicy, all uncomplicated and quite straightforward.

But even high-quality perfumes can be abused a little.

For example, every TV series has at least one episode in which a guy who first came out gets scolded for wearing too much perfume, so don't let it be you.

A spray on dry skin is usually adequate for good fragrance distribution (i.e. the amount of perfume that remains in the air after application).

Therefore, it is best to apply perfumes to the warmer parts of the body to make them look better.

Therefore, choose a site from the neck, lower jaw, chest, wrist, forearm, or the inside of the elbow. When applying it to your wrists, do not rub them against each other, as this can break the molecular bonds of scent and "kill" the note, and no one wants it. .

Golden Collection perfumes are not just perfumes, when applied they are in a parallel world of cuteness, they can make you feel like you are unique, that you are in a good mood, and even make people remember you.


What is the difference between after shave, eau de toilette, cologne and perfume?

Let's start by explaining the difference between aftershave, eau de cologne, and perfume

A common misconception is that the terms are interchangeable.

But I want you to make sure that your aftershave is the weakest and is between 1% and 3% essential oil.

In order to soothe the skin after shaving, they usually contain soothing and refreshing ingredients, such as aloe vera.

It should only last for two to three hours after use.

An eau de toilette (EDT) is made up of around 4%-8% perfumed oil.

This oil is too much to apply on the face, so it should be applied to your pulse points (neck, wrist, or chest).

It should last about six to eight hours.


Cologne contains between 2% and 5% oil and is a great medium between an aftershave and an EDT.

If you're looking for something really strong, a perfume or perfume contains between 15% and 30% oil.

This means that you only need a few pulse points to make it last that long. It is very rare and expensive.

Whether you are looking for a delicious perfume gift for a loved one or a special fragrance, we are here to help you with our list of the best men's fragrances we have to offer.

Luxurious men's perfumes

  • Dr. men's brushes

With a wonderful mixture of lavender, basil, mint and sage notes mixed with coumarin, amber and patchouli, it gives you a refreshing and fragrant scent.

We find that the introduction to the Dunhill Fresh perfume contains the scents of lavender, freesia, basil, mint and sage.

In the heart of the fragrance, notes of mimosa, iris, violet and freesia are noted.

As for the base of the fragrance, it contains coumarin, amber, patchouli, fragrant herb, aromatic oakmoss, fragrant vetiver, and cedar wood.

You can get the perfume from here, and make sure that it is a wonderful perfume with a very distinctive aroma.

  • Bad Boy Men

You will find a diverse mix of international perfumes of high quality, consistent and excellent concentration, with a mixture of amber wood, cocoa and tonka mixed with bergamot and black pepper, as well as the distinctive sage perfume to give you a wonderful scent in the winter.

We find that the editorial notes are white pepper, black pepper and bergamot

And the heart of the fragrance sage and cedar wood

The base notes are tonka bean, cocoa and amber wood

You can get the perfume from here .

  • Home Intense

Home Intense perfume features a soft floral musky scent, which makes you have a wonderful charisma and charm.

It sits on top of the best-selling men's fragrances anywhere.

The fragrance notes are lavender, iris, cedarwood, vetiver, and vanilla

  • The editorial is lavender
  • The heart of the fragrance is iris, ambrette and pear
  • Base notes of Virginia cedar and vetiver

So if you are looking for a luxurious and distinctive perfume, Home Intense is your perfect choice, you can get it from here .

  • Stronger With You Leather for men

Stronger with You Leather perfume for men features a refreshing and fragrant scent, as it consists of the following:

  • Base notes are agarwood, guaiac wood, vanilla and leather.
  • Topping is chestnut, elemi and spices
  • Heart notes of sage and lavender
  • Base notes of vanilla, leather, guaiac wood and agarwood

You can get the Stronger With You Leather perfume for men from here .