Rouge Rolls Perfume: An oriental floral fragrance for unisex

by identity digital marketing on January 20, 2023

Rouge Rolls Perfume: An oriental floral fragrance for unisex 

Perfume is an essential thing in our day, without which we feel that we are missing something important, and choosing a suitable perfume for what is the most important thing, and also choosing the timing of perfume is a very important factor for your elegance, to know details about the perfume of Rouge Rollers, follow the article with me..

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Rouge roller perfume

It is a very distinctive and different fragrance from all perfumes, as it has a special attractiveness that makes us single. It is an oriental floral fragrance for both sexes, released in 2015 and became one of the attractive perfumes in 2023.

It is one of the luxurious fragrances from Baccarat Rouge .

From the French Maison Francis Cardjian group, Rouge Rouge perfume is an oriental floral fragrance suitable for both men and women at the same time. It was released in 2017, two years after the success of the first version of it, and its production was supervised by perfume experts, headed by the international Francis Cardjian. There are many original perfumes Such as perfume, Baccarat Rouge, or you search for the price of Baccarat Rouge perfume in Egypt, or the price of Baccarat Rouge perfume in Saudi Arabia, or the price of Baccarat Rouge perfume in Algeria, or the price of Baccarat Rouge perfume in Iraq, and many other places, so you will find a huge diversity in perfume prices.

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Whoever tried the perfume, Rouge Rolls, you know that this fragrance has a special charm that makes it one of the best-selling perfumes. Rouge Rollers perfume consists of seven essential oils that make it more fragrant and attractive, and in a unique and distinctive way, creating a mixture of beauty and unique scents.


Perfume ingredients:

  • Top notes: saffron flowers - bitter almond
  • Heart of perfume: cedar wood - sambac flowers
  • Perfume base: woods - musk - ambergris


These ingredients make it unique and much needed, and it gives whoever wears it a high value and a beautiful pleasant scent. Whoever is looking for sophistication, this perfume is the solution because it is one of the luxurious and expensive French niche perfumes, and what many are looking for is the stability and price of the baccarat perfume . rouge 540 ?

The stability of the fragrance and the extent of its fragrantness and the spread of its scent, and many of those who use this perfume confirm its stability and the choice ranges from stable to very persistent, so Rouge Rollers perfume achieved great success and spread widely, as it is an exceptional perfume that deserves to be tried and to be within your attractiveness.

A perfume that is not like other perfumes, the perfume of Rouge Rolls, its scent spreads among all those around it, and it has now become one of the most luxurious and sophisticated perfumes. With men and women alike.

This perfume has features that make it unique, and the price of Rouge Roller Perfume in Saudi Arabia, a volume of 100 ml, is 60 riyals, and the price of Rouge Roller Perfume in dollars is only $16.