The five most beautiful women's perfumes in 2022

by identity digital marketing on January 02, 2023

The five most beautiful women's perfumes in 2022

If you are looking for the five most beautiful women's perfumes in 2022, follow this article with me, and you will learn about the most important sizes we have and the best prices 😉…

According to Coco Channel's famous phrase, a woman without perfume is a woman without a future.

Although it is not to be taken at face value, this flair reflects women's immense interest in fragrances. This interest is known by all the major women's perfume brands, and therefore it seeks to constantly develop its perfumes and compete with each other brilliantly to conquer the neck and wrist of women.

And with so many women's perfumes on sale in such a prolific market, choosing the one that matches your personality, mood, and budget is no small feat. In this review and comparison, Golden Collection offers a wonderful journey into the elegant and modern world of the best women's perfumes 2022.

1 - Coco Mademoiselle de Chanel

This Coco Chanel is one of the most important luxury women's perfume names, and according to statistics, it is the best women's perfume 2022.

It is the first fragrance created by the House of Chanel in 2010 after the death of Coco Chanel. Perfumer Jacques Polge aimed to capture both the style and the image of the legend - resulting in a fragrance rich in paradoxes.

Reflects on a woman with a dual personality, independent and likable, mischievous and provocative, light and lively.

It is an expression of a woman free to reinvent herself day after day.

It includes a variety of beautiful fruits, as the top notes contain peach, mandarin and jasmine, accompanied by the spicy sharpness of coriander and Bulgarian rose. The heart notes of rose and jasmine are surrounded by the scent of orange, rose and the sweet and spicy mimosa of cloves. Base notes of vanilla, amber, tecuna, civet, and sandalwood finish off the composition.

Coco Chanel perfume is a crowd favorite and, according to my honest opinion, makes a perfect gift for someone dear to your heart. Versatile, elegant, clean, I mean, Coco Chanel is the best-selling women's fragrance in the world

Therefore, Golden Collection offers you the best women's perfumes and their prices, as we find that perfumes are available in three sizes:

- Volume 30 ml, price 30 riyals

- Volume 50 ml at a price of 40 riyals

100 ml at a price of 60 riyals

2- Black Opium

This perfume is one of the best-selling women's perfumes in the world.

In September 2014, Yves Saint Laurent launched Black Opium. Black Opium targets all women who are neither ashamed nor afraid of the dangers of the world.

He plays with the forbidden and takes us into a semi-forbidden world. It is a fragrance conceived as the embodiment of imagination. It is born from the encounter between light and darkness. Infused with a touch of adrenaline based on caffeine.

Your senses are awakened by the scent of pink pepper and orange blossom, in contrast the heart of the fragrance contains jasmine and utterly addictive coffee, the whole is also warmed by vanilla beans and ends with elegance.

All these ingredients ripen together with a balance between strength and sophistication, which makes it one of the best-selling women's perfumes in the world 2022.

We have the best women's perfumes and their prices are available, such as Black Opium, in three sizes:

- Volume 30 ml price 20 riyals

- Volume 50 ml at a price of 30 riyals

100 ml at a price of 50 riyals

3 - Miss Dior

In 1947, Miss Dior was born from a wild impulse as she felt the burning desire to re-enchant women's lives and open their eyes once more to the sparkling colors of love.

After a lingering period, this scent was at the time synonymous with the renewal of happiness, poetry and harmony for Christian Dior.

Miss Dior always amazes us, excites us and invites us to admire love and all the beauty in the world.

The fragrance is composed of Centifolia flower, whose notes of honey and pepper prevail over a deliciously creamy, velvety heart. It is embroidered with fresh notes of lily-of-the-valley, peony-apricot accord, and powdery notes of iris.

Miss Dior is built around an elegant and captivating bouquet - like Millifori which seems to hold a myriad of flowers in endless colours. At the base, slight notes of delicate wood envelop the composition.

Dior has proven that (Miss Dior) is the undisputed master of luxury perfumes and has been promoted as the best cheap and stable French perfume.

We have three sizes available:

- Volume 30 ml at a price of 20 riyals

- Volume 50 ml at a price of 30 riyals

100 ml at a price of 50 riyals

4 - Good Girl

It is an elegant, breathtaking fragrance that was launched in 2016, and it is the first of this group.

Designed in black, this haute couture Good Girl heel reflects the charismatic personality of those who inspire its elegant looks.

You can use it as a day or night perfume to create a distinctive scent.

The fragrance emanates from the sweet and seductive qualities of jasmine, lending Good Girl a bright personality. The mystical side of The Good Girl reveals rich, fragrant cocoa along with juicy tonka bean as base notes.

Meanwhile, opening notes of almond and coffee add a bold vibe. The fragrance is balanced by delicate notes of tuberose along with jasmine sambac in the heart. Powerful, lively, and memorable notes also make up this unique collector's note.

Despite its modernity, it is among the best-selling women's perfumes in the world and the best types of women's perfumes 2022.

Available in three sizes

- Volume 30 ml price 20 riyals

- Volume 50 ml at a price of 30 riyals

100 ml at a price of 50 riyals

5 - Mugler Alien

By introducing Angel as its first fragrance in 1992, the young perfume house of Thierry Mugler managed to catch attention as soon as it entered! The first gourmet fragrance in history, it will charm and convince many women who are looking for hitherto unseen novelties and chords.

In 2005, Thierry Mugler amazed his audience again with Alien. Alien was embodied as a solar goddess, radiant and sensual, spreading peace and magic in her scent thanks to her fragrance.

The fragrance spell that shines with a thousand lights to mesmerize us with its luminous feminine harmonies.

Its simple ingredients: the opening notes are jasmine, the heart of the fragrance contains woods, and a base of amber makes it rank at the forefront of the best summer perfumes for women 2022.

Available in three sizes:

- Volume 30 ml price 20 riyals

- Volume 50 ml at a price of 30 riyals

100 ml at a price of 50 riyals

In the end, after getting to know the five best women's perfumes for the year 2022, their most important ingredients, and their most important prices, you can get to know the most important names of luxury women's perfumes, the composition of the best-selling women's perfumes in the world, and certainly the best cheap men's women's perfume, all of this through the Golden Collection Perfume Company .